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In 1885, the French army attacked the Liangshan Mountains in Vietnam, stationed in the Qing army without retreating, and the Qing government's dominance was threatened. Cixi convened the ministers to discuss who sent the commander, and finally opened the retired veteran Feng Zicai (Liu Peiqi) However, at that time, the Guangxi military and civilians had been scared by the brutal methods of the French army, and there was a serious fear of war. In order to motivate the military and civilians, Feng Zicai succeeded in ambushing the North African mercenaries in Longlin Town, swearing black captains Clark, and fighting in public against them, smashing enemies and invigorating the army.

Feng Zicai personally surveyed the terrain, built the front shackles, led the ambush of Nigry's cannonball carrier, and unexpectedly fell into the trap of Negri, causing heavy losses. Yinan was also slain by the French army. Fortunately, the Vietnamese woman stationed in the French army secretly let go of her and gave her guidance to find the road of the black flag general Liu Yongfu. Nigery, who was provoked, did not wait for the arrival of artillery shells and reinforcements. He launched a full-scale attack on the front and front. Feng Zicai took the lead in killing the enemy. The whole army was excited and violently attacked, and a fierce white-knife fight with the French army...

Director: Peak Screenwriter: Xing Yuanping / Chen Wengui Starring: Liu Peiqi / Cao Yunjin / Luo Wei / Li Zixiong Type: Action / History / War Production Country / Region: Mainland Chinese Language: Chinese Mandarin / French Release Date: 2017-08-04 (Mainland China) )
Length: 112 minutes AKA: The War of Loong

Director: Feng Gao
Stars: Qihu An, Yunjin Cao, Denis Chernov
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 4 August 2017 (China)
Genres: Action | History | War


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